Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Most people who love coffee have a coffee machine in their home. As the enjoyment of coffee at home or in the office environment increased, more professional machines that you can see in coffee shops, which are suitable for use in the home environment, have become widespread. When buying a coffee machine, it’s important to first determine what your preferences are. Will you use your coffee machine at home or in a more intensive use place such as a workplace or office? Do you prefer to consume your coffee quickly, or do you wait for it to brew slowly to enjoy its aroma?

You should always consider how often you will be using the coffee maker while researching the right one for your needs. If you consume at least 3-4 cups of coffee a day it’s useful to look for models with high performance and large capacity. Generally, high-priced coffee makers are for continuous use at home and office, so if you are not very fond of coffee and the frequency of brewing won’t too much, you can eliminate such machines.

If you drink coffee frequently, you should choose high-watt coffee makers. Watt value means that the water heats up quickly in a machine, you can brew and serve coffee to yourself and your guests in a short time with such models. Bar pressure means your coffee machine prepares milk right away. Especially for a delicious espresso, you will need a great cream, which will be provided by coffee machines with a pressure range of 15-19 bars.

It’s possible to discover different flavors at your home using the filter coffee machine by buying the coffee beans you want to try in coffee shops. If you are going to buy a filter coffee machine, you shouldn’t ignore the filter paper. Nowadays, natural papers are frequently found in markets, so you can contribute to both your health and the environment with them.

Single-Serve Pod Coffee Makers

Coffee pods are round sachets of various diameters compressed into paper, usually containing 7 grams of freshly ground coffee. It is possible to obtain the same quality coffee every time by placing the pods in the compartment of the machine and passing pressurized hot water. These pods, which did not attract much attention at the beginning, started to become popular with the release of new products with many different ingredients and flavors. These machines are preferred especially in workplaces due to their practicality and cheapness.

With the machines used with capsules, it is possible to obtain espresso and espresso-based coffees in a short time with good quality and without any mess. Uncompressed capsules such as pods have an airtight enclosure that allows them to be stored fresh for 9 months. Let’s take a look at the common pros and cons of these models.

These machines are very easy to use. All the process is done automatically so you don’t have to weigh out the coffee, tamp it down, heat the water to an exact temperature, or worry about extracting the coffee at a precise rate or speed. They can be used in many different types of coffee. Like we mentioned before, as the use of the pods is increased, different flavors are being produced. The coffee doesn’t leak from the pod and capsule, thus ensuring hygiene and cleanliness. You can always consume fresh coffee within a few minutes with these machines.

Coffee enthusiasts may not find the flavor of the coffee made with these machines sufficient. The beans in the pods are pre-ground coffee and sealed to use later, so they are not as tasty as freshly roasted beans. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’re using a plastic pod, metal foil, and filter paper with each and every cup of coffee you make. Used capsules can be recycled, but this option is often neglected and wasted.

Drip Coffee Makers

One of the best things about drip coffee makers is that they give both options with pre-programmed and manual settings. You can use the settings for your ideal coffee or let the machine do the work for you. The best way to extract the maximum flavor from the coffee beans is by grinding your beans not long before brewing each cup of coffee. Unlike pod coffee makers, drip coffee makers provide you this freshness.

They tend to take a little more time and money since freshly-ground coffee beans are often more expensive. You might want to buy a separate grinder but some of these models come with internal grinders to solve this problem, making you your own barista with the whole package.

If you like making the most of your mornings with more than one cup of coffee, you will be glad to know that they have a larger capacity, up to 12 cups to be more specific. 

Cleaning is easy too, put the filter aside, take off the batch and you are ready to make another round! However, make sure to clean it after every use otherwise there’s a possibility that mold will appear if the ground stays in the filter for too long. Even though fresh grounds make the experience tasteful, most heating rods are aluminum which fails to reach the right temperature to bring out the best of the coffee’s oil, therefore, of the beans. You can search for the models with copper rods which tend to be more expensive.

Best Coffee Maker Brands and Reviews

SAKI Pour Over Coffee Maker

If you want something simpler and affordable, Saki offers a pour-over coffee maker model that is ergonomic and won’t take much space in your kitchen. The durable glass carafe is strong against the heat, extending the life of your coffee maker that has 700 ml of capacity. The rubber handle, which you can remove to clean the whole thing, makes it easier to pour your coffee as it prevents burns and slipping. 

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker, Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer

Who wouldn’t like a freshly brewed coffee under one minute? This short process doesn’t compromise on the taste as the gentle pressure extracts every ounce of the coffee beans. You can fit your desired mug under the drip as it gives you three size options; 3, 6, and 10 ounce but the removable drip tray allows you to fit a 7.1″ travel cup. The 48-ounce water container allows you to brew at least 6 cups before refilling. If you forget to turn off your coffee machine, the auto-off setting will do it for you after it’s left idle for 2 hours, saving energy.


Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for K- Cup Pod & Ground Coffee Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine

Without a doubt, the best feature of this coffee maker is the brewing option. Two simple side buttons to guide you and you can both use your pods or freshly ground coffee beans- and pressing these buttons at the same time activates the self-cleaning technology! The water container comes with 6, 8, 10, and 14-ounce measurement marks which allow you to control your coffee strength. The removable drip tray gives you more room to make your coffee. Hands down, this is one of the best compact models since it doesn’t take up much space.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Thermal Coffeemaker

All parts that come in contact with coffee or liquids are BPA free. It comes with a permanent gold-tone filter but you can also use a regular paper filter to weed out all the coffee particles. There is a ‘tone’ button you can push on or off that beeps when coffee is done and when the machine turns off 2 hours later. The hot plate remains hot after brewing, keeping your coffee hot for some period of time.


Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

This coffee maker comes with two serving options; single-serve for your mugs or travel cups, or the stainless steel pot that comes with it. The single-serve option has up to 14 ounces of capacity. Programmable, Hamilton Beach also gives you to auto-shutoff option once your coffee is brewed. The scoop has measurement marks in it, making it easier to adjust the amount of grounded coffee you will be adding. This coffeemaker lets coffee drinkers decide the way they want to start their day for their tight schedule. This coffee maker is the best tool to give you a kickstart on the way to tackle your busy schedule.


Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Designed to extract the fullest flavor possible, Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker combines a high brew temperature of up to 205 degrees, and a faster brew speed, resulting in nothing short of exquisite tasting coffee. There is one permanent, reusable filter that is inserted into a conical plastic filter holder but you could also use a paper filter instead of it. The large water container has 1.8 liters of capacity, which equals to 12 cups of coffee.