Mixer Buying Guide

Mixers are multi-purpose kitchen tools with mixing features. Mixers allow you to obtain a mixture in the desired consistency by mixing regularly and practically in a certain time, at the power you determine. These are practical kitchen products that you can use in many areas such as whisking eggs, preparing sauces, pudding, and delicious cakes. For example, for a good and delicious cake, it is important to blend the ingredients by bringing them to the proper homogeneity as well as the quality and ratio. The mixer allows you to find the consistency in a short time and without difficulty, which you can achieve by spending a lot of effort and time.

Choosing the right mixer is crucial both for your kitchen and for your needs. Depending on the type of food you are making most of the time, the features of a mixer you should be searching for will vary. The consistency of a mixture you are preparing is essential and preparing it by hand risks the quantity. It’s also tiring.

Mixer Benefits

They are fast. In this age of rush, we try our best to save ourselves some time by getting things done quickly. With a mixer’s help, you won’t only be making pancakes and cake batter. Various food and recipes such as pizza, bread, and even homemade butter require the helping hand of a mixer. You can spice things up in the kitchen with the right mixer that will allow you to experiment with different recipes.

Types of Mixers

We mentioned previously that the type of food you are usually making or aiming to make will affect the features you will be researching. 

Hand Mixers

They are used to speedily manage lighter baking jobs. These are usually removable from an electric mixer but permanently attached to a hand-cranked mixer. 

Stand Mixers

These models have a frame that serves as the housing for a heavier work motor than a hand mixer, aside from a bowl mounting base that is built to match the mixer and lock in place during mixing.

Hand Mixers vs. Stand Mixers

Hand mixers are cheaper than stand mixers and they take up less space in your kitchen. Once your work is done, you can easily clean them and find a place to put them away easily. They are fit for quick tasks such as whipping eggs or cream. Since they are not attached to a mixing bowl, you can use them in any type of bowl, which also makes it easy to move around. 

Having said that, they’re more work-intensive to use since you will have to hold and move it around the whole time you are using it, which means they can be tiring if you are doing some intensive baking. If the batter you are making is very thick, it tends to be difficult to maneuver the hand mixer through it. Another thing to consider is that it might be easy to splash what you are mixing out of the bowl since the bowl and the mixer will not be in a fixed position.

Stand mixers come with a whisk, dough hook, and beater as standard with a lever-operated arm onto which you can fit various mixing attachments. With a large bowl attached, they can handle the heavy work mixing tasks for dough, batter, cake, and more. Without a doubt, the best thing about them is they don’t rely on muscle work, you can multitask, take care of something else at the same time. You don’t have to hold the bowl for stability and don’t need to worry about splashing the mixture. Hand mixers usually have around five-speed settings, while stand mixers can have more than ten. Stand mixers also have a bigger motor than hand mixers so they are stronger and can handle bigger jobs like kneading dough. 

If we are to talk about the disadvantages, cleaning stand mixers are harder than cleaning hand mixers. They take up more space since they are heavy, they are harder to move around. Because of the motor power and the accessories that come with them, they are more expensive than hand mixers.

Tilt-Head vs. Bowl-Lift

If you decide to get a stand mixer, there are a couple more things to consider. To get to the bottom of the matter- and the batter, in this case, there are two ways to mix the contents of the bowl. A tilt-head model or a bowl-lift model.

Tilt-head models allow you to tilt the mixer head while the bowl-lift ones can rearrange the bowl’s height. Both features let you insert or remove mixing attachments. 

With the tilted-head model, the batter on the beater drips down better when the head is tilted because of its position. Also easier to clean off sticky batter from the beater. Tilt-head models require less vertical space, so it’s easier to find room for it in small spaces when not in use. However, the problem with the tilted head is that there is a hinge, the head has a tendency to vibrate.

It’s rather harder to change the attachments with bowl-lift models because of the inability of tilting the head but they are better to make sure the bottom of the bowl is well-mixed. Bowl-lift models are steadier as the head is not hinged to the stand. More powerful mixers with bigger motors and bigger capacity are usually bowl-lift models. If you plan on recipes that require heavy work,  a bowl-lift mixer may be the best choice.

Best Mixer Brands and Reviews

Mixer sets, which offer an ideal use for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, have many different features according to their brand. Here are some of our best picks;

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Available in over 40 colors, it’s powerful enough for any recipe, whether you are stirring wet and dry ingredients together, kneading bread dough, or whipping cream. It makes any task that involves any form of mixing significantly easier and mixes the contents to perfection. The mixer comes with 5 different attachments; the wire whip, dough hook, flat beater, stainless steel bowl, and spray guard. The tilt-head design allows clear access to the bowl and attached beater or accessory so you can easily add ingredients for a recipe. Safe and efficient.


SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer

We have mentioned the mixers that knead the dough and whisk the cream but what about the ones that don’t need any whisk-work? For your meals that need constant stirring, this hands-free pot-stirrer will let you take a break from the tiresome muscle work. Friendly to any material, its dynamic arms are designed to be adjusted to a wide range of saucepans without damaging them. With 2 speed options, this model will stir your soups, sauces, stews gently.

Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer

This stand mixer from Cuisinart not only looks great but also sports a very functional design. A powerful motor combined with a die-cast metal construction ensures that it will handle whatever you throw at it. The mixer comes with a chef’s whisk, dough hook, and flat mixing paddle, as well as many other attachments you can purchase separately. Combined with 12 different speeds and a 5.5-quart bowl, the mixer lends itself to a wide variety of uses. Available in many colors to suit your tastes, this beautiful mixer will make a lovely addition to any kitchen.


Aucma 6.5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

This mixer by Aucma is a great blend of functionality and value for money. It has all the basic functionalities – the popular tilt-head design for easy access, a large 6.5-quart mixing bowl, and 3 attachments: A whisk, dough hook, and beater. The dishwasher safe attachments, anti-slip pads on the mixer, and 6-speed control make this a very capable and convenient machine. It looks great as well, with an LED power indicator, a visually appealing design, and multiple color choices all leading to a great looking machine and a great choice for a mixer.


Braun HM5130 MultiMix Hand Mixer

Braun has a long history of making good electrical appliances and this hand mixer is no different. It provides the cost savings and flexibility of a hand mixer but is packed with functionality. The powerful motor ensures that the machine does more work instead of you, and the many different dishwasher-safe attachments make it suitable for a variety of tasks. It comes with a whisk and beater, a dough hook, as well as a chopper attachment with a bowl that you can use for chopping nuts, etc. A convenient speed dial makes it easy to change the speed, and switching attachments is just a touch of a button away.


KitchenAid Cordless Hand Mixer

This hand mixer from KitchenAid beings you the ultimate in convenience with its cordless design. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery included with it allows you to carry the mixer wherever you want, without the clutter of wires getting in the way. The machine is packed with helpful features like the soft-start feature that gradually brings the beater up to the selected speed to help prevent splattering and 7 speeds that allow for nuanced control over your mixing. The machine also comes with 2 dishwasher safe beater attachments.