Sous Vide Buying Guide

Sous-vide is a technique in which you vacuum all kinds of food products in plastic vacuum packs and cook them in constant and low-temperature water for a certain period of time.

The greatest benefit of this technique is that the cooked food is in the vacuumed pouches, so it doesn’t lose water and oil during cooking. In addition, since it’s cooked at low temperatures, both the outside and inside of the food are at the same cooking temperature.

The equipment required to apply this technique is the product to be cooked, plastic vacuum bag, vacuum machine, and the sous-vide machine. First of all, the vacuum bag and vacuum machine must be of good quality and safe to use; because your food must be vacuumed at a temperature close to the maximum. In addition, the Sous-vide machine must be able to maintain the correct temperature regularly. If your preferred machine can provide all these quality equipment, the flavor of the food cooked with sous-vide will be extremely tasty. Sous-vide is especially preferred by those who like rare or rare-medium cooked meat.

The more wattage a model uses the faster it will bring the water bath up to its ideal temperature. Even though models with higher wattage operate better, the more power a unit has the more you have to be concerned with evaporation. Evaporation is a concern if you are cooking your food for more than 2-3 hours, so you will need to watch and maintain the water between the minimum and maximum levels.

By nature, sous vide is a complex process so you would want to have simpler displays on the tool. Displays show you details like temperature and cooking time. Some models have timers that alert you when your food is ready. They usually have the Bluetooth and/or WiFi feature which allows you to keep track of your food from another place as it cooks slowly. This also allows you to operate your sous vide hands-free.

Immersion Circulator vs. Water Oven

Immersion Circulators
Heat and circulate water at the same time. Since they don’t include the necessary vessel and you have to find a suitable container for each cook, it can be inconvenient at times. Speaking of containers, they don’t take up much space and can be stored away at any time. Emptying the separate water vessel than most all in one water ovens are most probably the easier option.

Consider what accessories you might need if you want this model. If they don’t come with the package, make sure to check if they are easily available in your home or easy to buy.

Water Ovens
As a more convenient option, they provide both a heat source and the bath vessel all in one machine. The downside of it is however, they tend to be less accurate. If you like a minimalist look or are already out of space on your countertop or cabinet water bath models would be highly inconvenient for you since they take up far more space in your kitchen.

In most models, water oven vessels come with a fixed 10-liter capacity. This is more than enough to cook for the whole family. Immersion circulators don’t have a fixed vessel so you can get the desired size of your vacuum packages or pouches depending on the amount you will be cooking.

Best Sous Vide Brands and Reviews

  • SAKI Sous Vide Cooker: The fear of overcooking will be history with Saki’s Sous Vide cooker. With the thermal power of 1100 watts, this model makes it easier to cook your meals evenly without losing the nutrients that your body needs, not compromising the taste either. This quiet, precise cooker will add more color to your kitchen with its stylish, red design. All you have to do is download Saki’s own app, set your cooking time with the digital display, and go about your day until the app alerts you that your meal is ready.
  • Anova Culinary Sous Vide 750W Precision Cooker:  The immersion technique circulates water at the exact temperature required for perfectly cooked meals, no matter what’s on your menu. As you can connect to the machine via Bluetooth, all you have to do is set the time and temperature with the Anova App or the Precision Cooker controls. Fits on any pot or container with an adjustable clamp, this model can serve up to 4 people. The Nano is water-resistant and easy to clean as it’s constructed of durable plastic.
  • Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide Cooker: This thermal cooker will stop working and alarm you when the water level is lower than the minimum. It also lets you know when the aimed temperature is reached. It operates quietly while works efficiently in various temperatures and hours and the 4-foot cord is a nice bonus. It’s suitable for both water containers and ziplock bags and the simplicity of pre-programmed food gives you more control over your device.
  • Breville Joule Sous Vide: Since there’s no control panel on the machine, this model completely relies on a device with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for all the adjustments. Joule maintains the ideal temperature for your food perfectly without the overcooking problem. The water heats up very quickly with this small but powerful model. Without the need for a clip, Joule’s magnet holds steady to most of the pots.
  • Monoprice Sous Vide Precision Cooker: If you are on a budget but don’t want to compromise any efficiency, this model is just the one for you. This model doesn’t have any wireless connections but the touch screen is easy to operate to control the cooking time and temperature. It comes with an adjustable clamp that can be attached to a wide variety of cooking pots from 2.6 to 4.0 gallons capacity.
  • Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator: Sansaire isn’t available for smartphones with no wireless connection options but the digital readout is clearly visible in light or darkness, even from across the room as the LED screen displays the temperature setting in bright, easy-to-read numbers. Works with 1100 Watts yet you can barely hear it work. It’s quiet and user-friendly and you will retain all the nutrients in vegetables, and use less fat without sacrificing flavor.