Tea Maker Buying Guide

In some countries and their cultures, tea has a more important place rather than coffee. The taste differs with every different brewing technique and over the years, electric tea makers joined the game as well. A tea maker is one of the kitchen utensils that are both effortless and provides good quality results. During the brewing process, the machine heats up the water in its container before automatically sending it to the brewing reservoir. In this way, the tea is brewed untouched at the ideal temperature.

The water to be used in the machine should be selected well. Calciferous and dirty water can spoil the machine and shorten its life, as well as adversely affect the taste of your tea. Even if you use drinking water, the calcification problem may occur after a while. In this case, it would be healthy to resort to the most natural methods like starting the machine with some vinegar. In addition, if you want your tea machine to be long-lasting, be careful not to leak water under the water tank.

Features to Consider

  • When buying a tea maker, it’s useful to look for the containers large enough for the amount of tea you consume.
  • Another thing to check for is the heating settings, it should adjust the temperature well by keeping the water at a certain temperature rather than boiling it continuously.
  • And perhaps one of the most important things is that it works quietly. Most tea makers boil noisily while bringing water to boiling temperature and when the temperature drops after boiling, it works noisily while raising the temperature once again. It might be an issue that needs attention for those who are sensitive to sound.
  • Besides, in some brands, the teapot part can be glass, porcelain, and metal. With the glass options, the contents of the pot can be seen. Although the tea creates a beautiful image when it is brewed, it may not be very pleasant to the eye when it gets a little dirty later, and the glass teapot is quite susceptible to breaking or cracking. It should be used and cleaned very carefully.

Temperature and Timing Tips

  • A good cup of tea can make your day better, having as much power as a good cup of coffee. The brewing time plays a crucial role while making tea. If the tea leaves boil for too long, the taste tends to become bitter. Some people enjoy their tea strong but in some cases, it can ruin the whole experience.
  • In some cultures, the ideal boiling point is considered to be 80-85°C for green tea and 95-98°C for black tea.
  • The tea should be poured over the hot water after it’s boiled and it should be brewed for 15 minutes. Consuming within half an hour after brewing is advised for a better flavor.

Types of Tea Makers

a. Electric Tea Kettles

b. Iced Tea Makers

a. Electric Tea Kettles
Their main function is making hot tea, sometimes they come with two different pots for brewing and some models have a brewing pod within the container. With two separate containers, you will have more control over your machine, you can set the boiling and brewing timing according to the taste you want to go for.

The models with brewing pods are highly practical but since it sits in the boiling water, you might have to take it off manually to make sure your tea won’t become bitter.

Almost all models have timer settings you can adjust depending on how strong you enjoy your tea.

b. Iced Tea Makers
Iced tea became more popular over time and they are probably being consumed more than hot tea. They are refreshing and healthy, and you will be glad to know that the iced tea makers are not only limited to be used for businesses.

The brewing process is the same for these machines as well, the only difference is the brewed tea is dripped onto a pitcher of ice that cools the tea. If you want to sweeten your tea, you can add a couple of teaspoons of sugar to the pitcher.

Electric Tea Kettles vs Iced Tea Makers

The decision should be based on whether you like your tea hot or cold. It should be as simple as that, right?

The answer is no.

While electric kettles are designed to make hot tea only, there are some iced tea maker models that also make hot tea. Why not have both?

Best Tea Maker Brands and Reviews

  • SAKI Tea Maker: With two departments, this model is also known as the Turkish tea maker. What makes this model different is the technique; The bottom part will be boiling your water while your tea is brewed separately in the top kettle. With the switch of a button, you will be able to boil the water and keep it warm after boiling it. This 2 in 1 tea maker will give you the traditional tea making experience in the most effortless way.
  • SAKI Electric Samovar: If you wish to have something more traditional, Saki also offers this samovar with a porcelain teapot. It boils the water quickly and once it’s hot, it stays hot. The removable brewing container is inside of the teapot so you can take the tea leaves out if you don’t like your tea too strong. Ideal to serve for larger groups of people, this samovar with 3.2 lt capacity is a must-have for tea lovers.


  • KitchenAid Artisan Glass Tea Kettle: This all-in-one boiling and brewing kettle has five temperature settings which are perfect for brewing specialty teas. All you have to do is to heat your water to the desired temperature and fill the removable stainless steel steeper with loose tea, which doesn’t give any room to make a mess in your kitchen. It’s an easy tea maker to operate and the base makes it even easier for left or right-handed use. Ergonomic, and also includes cable storage for a tidy work surface.
  • Aicook Electric Tea Kettle 1.7L Glass Teapot: When it reaches the desired temperature, the tea kettle will automatically shut-off. There is no silicon around the temp sensor as it’s a 100% BPA-free material, making it an environment-friendly product. This 5 pre-set temperature kettle has a keep-warm function that holds your desired water temperature for up to 2 hours. The tea infuser has a separate lid to allow easy filling with tea leaves while the wide opening and removable kettle lid allows easy water refill and simple cleaning.
  • Nostalgia Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Brewing System: This multifunctional machine doesn’t only brew tea but also prepares other beverages including coffee and lemonade. The glass pitcher holds up to 12 cups and has a large handle for easy lifting and pouring which also includes a three-position lid that turns for free pouring. The unit is programmed to automatically shut off when the brewing is done. The flavor extraction chamber allows you to enhance the flavor of your beverage with lemon, sweeteners, or herbs.
  • Mr. Coffee TM75 Iced Tea Maker: This 2 in 1 machine allows you to brew tea and coffee over ice, helping you make refreshing beverages in a matter of minutes. You can brew and serve from the same easy-to-clean pitcher, but keep in mind that washing by hand is recommended. Simple and practical, all you have to do is to place water in the reservoir and add your favorite tea (loose or bags), then add ice in the pitcher. Easy to store away, this iced tea maker will be your best friend for summers.
  • Breville the Tea Maker BTM800XL: There is a brilliant feature in this tea maker that the others don’t have. The brewing basket is adjustable, moves up and down for better infusion which means you can lower it into the water after it’s boiled. You won’t only be able to control the temperature but also the brewing technique. This model helps you take another step towards the traditional tea while saving you from the trouble.