Wall Oven Buying Guide

Wall ovens deliver a number of benefits including the creation of accumulative workspace, the convenience of not having to bend over as far as work with the oven, an upgraded incorporeal being of the diner, and the potential in favor of higher resale pricelessness of the home. As far as make sure that you buy the best wall oven in that your kitchen, cultivate a checklist that covers these factors;

The type of fuel. Powered by gas or electricity, wall ovens are typically 24″, 27″ or 30″ wide, but you can find models that are 36″ to fit larger kitchens. While professional chefs prefer cooking with gas, electric ovens have a number regarding advantages that can make cooking easier and improve results, including moving options. Take it into consideration to determine the costs and benefits of cooking regardless of each type of fuel. 

Get the right amount of capacity. If you cook all of your meals for one or two people, a smaller wall oven will suffice and save you space and money. As the number of people increases in the household or you like hosting guests, you will be needing a bigger oven with a fast-heating option.

Each new generation of wall ovens seemingly has more features than the previous ones. Making sure you buy the one meeting your needs can save you both money and confusion. With the right choice of fuel, capacity, and features in mind that meet your needs, you will be able to cook in exactly the way you wanted. 

Wall Oven Models

Single Wall Ovens:  Unlike the traditional range, single wall ovens are installed into walls or cabinetry at eye level, making them a great choice. They are available in both gas and electric, making them suitable for any amenities in your place. The single oven has only one cooking zone like that of a standard range.

Double Wall Ovens: The double wall oven will come with two equal, full-sized ovens in one unit, offering more cooking flexibility. Most of the double ovens have broiling or/and convection abilities in one or both ovens. They tend to be too large to install under the counter, however are built-in to achieve a more harmonious look. With two completely separate cooking areas, the meals are fully independent of each other.

Microwave/Oven Combinations: Apart from the top oven being a microwave, they have the same features of double ovens.  These combinations are a practical way to have both cooking options in one, compact unit.

Wall Oven Types

a. Gas Ovens

b. Electric Ovens

Even though the fuel they use creates a big difference, their functions are not so different. We will be mentioning their pros and cons during the comparison.

Gas vs Electric Wall Ovens

The choice between a gas or an electric wall oven is usually determined by the personal preference if not by the household amenity.

  • As water vapor is produced during combustion, gas ovens tend to have a slightly more humid baking environment than electric ovens. Electric ovens usually have dryer heat. If you like baking pies or bread, the crusts will be less likely hard or dry when you bake it with gas.
  • Humidity aside, gas wall ovens have quick control over the temperature. However, they don’t distribute the heat as evenly as electric ovens and food rotation is required every now and then while cooking to achieve an even browning. They tend to be dangerous by nature and limited in choices of sizes. Wall ovens are mostly electric in the market, leaving gas users a small selection of lower-end models.
  • Electric wall ovens are cheaper to buy and install but more expensive to run than gas. They distribute heat evenly and have different cooking modes. Even though they are considered easy to clean, they cook slower than their counterparts and are affected by power outages.
  • It’s beneficial to keep in mind that you can install double fuel for double wall ovens separately. 

What Do You Need to Know About Wall Oven Sizes and Capacity?

  • Wall ovens ought to be 24″, 27″, or 30″ wide, but as some kitchens have larger measurements, a couple of brands started making 36″ options as well. The 30″ is most common, followed by the 27″. Nevertheless, it’s important to do the measurement preparation beforehand, since wall ovens tend to have actual widths that are wider or narrower than 27″ or 30. Assumptions are often misleading as older wall oven models can be smaller.
  • While 30″ models can be up to about 5 cubic feet, 24″ models are generally around 2-3 cubic feet of capacity. Cooking multiple dishes simultaneously is possşble with larger capacities.
  • Both ovens usually have exactly the same capacity if you buy a double oven. Not always, but sometimes they will have matching features. More affordable hybrid models may have a convection oven and a traditional static oven. 
  • Combination ovens are a little different. The lower primary oven will be between 4.5 and 5.0 cubic feet while the smaller upper oven will usually be slightly less than 2.0 cubic feet. 
  • The width of the cabinet cavity is different than the wall oven’s overall width. The front part of the oven overlaps the cavity outline. Always check and measure the width and depth of your cabinet. The wall ovens come with instructions so you can see if the dimensions match. If the cavity is slightly larger, the oven will fit in but if it’s smaller, it might not be an ideal fit.
  • Double-wall ovens are often 53″ tall or more while single wall ovens are often around 30″.

Best Wall Oven Brands and Reviews

Frigidaire Gallery Combo Wall Oven

This microwave unit has 6 main menu functions: automatic defrost for meats, soup, and casserole, a snack menu, frozen kid’s meals; 4 melt or soften options, one-touch auto-cook for pizza, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and beverages; automatic reheat option for pasta; plus 6 sensor cook functions. As the main feature, the sensor cook will calculate cooking times for frozen food, ground meat, chicken breasts, seafood, and rice. The main oven has a heating element around the fan. It’s also an option to do traditional baking without convection and enhanced boiling by deploying the convection fan. More specific features include an automatic keep warm for three hours after cooking is complete and one-touch keep-warm.


GE 30 Inch Wall Oven/Microwave Combo

The combo features glass-touch electronic controls with a dial to help you quickly and easily set or adjust your oven. The Lower oven also features 3 self-clean heavy-duty oven racks that can be configured in 6 positions. GE appliances provide up-to-date technology and exceptional quality to simplify the way you live. With a timeless appearance, this family of appliances is ideal for your family. The lower oven has an 8-pass broil and 10-pass bake element which means it covers the whole surface and cooks your food thoroughly. The upper oven is a turntable kind, rotates the food for an even cooking result.


Bosch HBE5453UC, 24 in. Single Electric Wall Oven

This oven doesn’t disappoint. Whether cooking a quiche for two or preparing a roast for twelve, this oven is engineered with innovative technologies that perform flawlessly, day in, and day out. Genuine European Convection provides even backing on all three racks. It has a timer with cook-time and delay-start function, so dinner can be ready on time while the extra-large door window for easy monitoring of the cooking process. The built-in look makes a timeless statement, the Bosch oven complements your taste in both cooking and design.

GASLAND Chef 24 in. Built-in Single Natural Gas Wall

This 24″ gas, single wall oven is a built-in style natural gas oven. It’s bound to catch your eyes with its black glass finish. The natural gas oven uses natural gas for power supply with a 2500-Watt/1500-Watt maximum output. It has 6 different working modes including defrost, convection, bottom heating, top heating, rotisserie, cooling down fan, oven light, temperature controller, and timer. Featuring 6 cooking functions, including bottom heating, top heating, defrost, rotisserie with timer, and cooling down fan. You can choose different cooking modes as you like!


Empava 24″ Electric Single Wall, EMPV-24WOC02:

Empava offers various of sizes when it comes to wall ovens. This 24-inch built-in model is ideal for small spaces. Featuring 2 layered tempered glass and a baking tray, Empava doesn’t only offer a sleek and modern stainless-steel look but also offers a safe cooking environment with a forced cooling exhaust system. Circulating the heated air over, under and around, Empava’s powerful convection cooking system delivers the ideal airflow and temperature for fast preheating. This ensures an even heat distribution for the racks and walls as well, playing a major key for an evenly cooked meal.